7 reasons for the technological basis of the Walrus class replacement: Saab’s A26 submarine

Damen Schelde Naval Shipyards has a strategic partnership with Saab Kockums in Sweden, to develop the replacement for the Walrus Class submarine for the Royal Netherlands Navy and expeditionary submarines for export market. Saab Kockums, has a broad experience of developing, building and maintaining ships made for navies to defend their nation’s interests in peace as well as in wartime. Based on this experience they deliver capable vessels with well-integrated systems, high availability and low lifecycle cost. Their design philosophy gives products with low signatures and high shock resistance to increase survivability – so that the Navy can master their mission. The replacement of the Walrus Class Submarine is based on the technology used in the Swedish A26.


A design that gives nations a future-proof advantage in protecting their sovereignty due to its flexibility.


Wherever duty calls. The A26 can work freely in both littoral and open water, anywhere from the tropics to the arctic.


The future demands multi-protection in mobility, invisibility and survivability. The A26 can counter all known physical threats.


Knowledge is power. The A26 listens, learns and acts.


We are redefining what sea time means. The A26 offers maximal operational availability, optimal working conditions and a 30-year upgradable life cycle.


Not just in command – in control. The A26 has fully integrated intelligence, navigation and combat control.


Every country’s needs are different. The A26 is designed and built using a modular construction for maximum flexibility.
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