Ambassadors of Sweden and the United Kingdom visit Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding

The Swedish and the British ambassador have paid a visit to Damen Schelde in Vlissingen today. This visit emphasized the close ties between the Netherlands navy/ shipbuilding industry and its Swedish and British partners. In the field of both industry and defense.

The Netherlands and the United Kingdom maintain strong ties in the field of naval cooperation.  This intensive cooperation between Royal Navy and the Royal Netherland Navy benefits from compatible systems on board. During this visit the British ambassador declared that the UK will share her submarine technology with the Swedish and Dutch partners, this to the delight of Damen and Saab.

With the connection of the UK to the Swedish-Dutch plans for the Dutch submarine replacement program means a cooperation in optima forma. All three countries will benefit from this ultimately balanced partnership.

At the end of the visit the Swedish ambassador hoisted the Swedish flag which will stay in front of the Damen office permanently to symbolize the warm relationship between two countries and companies especially with regard to the submarine replacement program.

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