Countdown NIDV Exhibition Defence & Security 2…

The Dutch submarines are famous around the world. They are much asked for far from home intelligence operations. At the same time they are ultimately effective at deterring enemies at sea. As quiet as these can operate the more silent people are about the sheer fighting power. The Netherlands can remain a leading nation in this field when it chooses Saab Damen submarines. The launching customer role of the Ministry of Defence is priceless to both the military and the maritime cluster. The RNLN will have the most suitable material at her disposal in order to fulfil the required tasks. For companies and knowledge institutes involved this means a great and unique stimulant for the coming decades.

Submarines with the trademark ‘made by Holland’, that are co-developed and built in the Netherlands will strengthen an important cluster and knowledge economy for the decades to come. They also guarantee that our submariners will have the best materiel possible to do their job in the coming 30 years. With future proof boats the Netherlands can participate and contribute on the highest level within NATO and EU. If the Defence Industry Strategy has been written for something, it will be this choice.

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