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The Defence Industry Strategy (DIS) requires the Netherlands to protect their own safety, to contribute internationally and to maintain a robust defence industry. The government has the obligation to guarantee our safety. The very basis of this far reaching obligation would be territorial integrity, also for Caribbean Netherlands. Our sovereignty is enhanced by our ability to protect our interests worldwide. To collect intelligence and to deliver firepower if necessary are fundamental aspect of self-protection. The one who can deliver these capacities will be a much more valuable international partner.

Therefore, the submarine replacement programme for the Netherlands is more than just a purchase. These future submarine have to be developed, built and maintained by a Dutch OEM, together with hundreds of small and medium enterprises in the naval building cluster. This cluster belongs to the most modern, efficient and safest in the world. Saab and Damen will dedicate themselves fully to this project in order to design, build and maintain the future Dutch submarine whilst guaranteeing a maximal participation of the Dutch naval industry.

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