Damen and Rubber Design working together on the Combat Support Ship

Damen Naval and Rubber Design have signed a contract for the supply of shock and vibration control solutions to protect important equipment on board the new Combat Support Ship (CSS) of the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN).

The vibration dampers used have two functions, namely the isolation of vibrations so that radiated underwater noise is reduced as well as reducing the shock impact as a result of an underwater explosion. In order to be able to achieve this and also to comply with the strict standards that apply on board the future generation of naval ships, Rubber Design has developed a wide range of RDS shock mountings.

Rubber Design was founded in 1979 and has grown over the years into one of the leading international specialists in solutions for vibration, noise and shock absorption. The company is located in Heerjansdam and has more than 100 employees.

Rubber Design’s cooperation with Damen started in 1989 with the construction of the multipurpose frigates (M-frigates) of the RNLN. Since then, Rubber Design has supplied shock and vibration control solutions to all naval vessels that Damen Naval has built for the RNLN, including the amphibious transport ships HNLMS Rotterdam and HNLMS Johan de Witt, the air defence and command frigates (LCF) of the De Zeven Provinciën class, the Joint Support Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman and the patrol ships of the Holland class. Jointly executed projects for foreign navies include the Diponegoro class corvettes and Martadinata class frigates for the Indonesian Navy and the Sigma Class FMMM frigates supplied to the Royal Moroccan Navy.

Arjan Risseeuw, CSS Project Director Damen Naval and Cpt. (N) Glijn van Marion, Defence Materiel Organisation
Mathieu Klijn, Director Rubber Design and Jan Visser, Consultant Rubber Design
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