Damen files complaint with the Romanian authorities

Damen filed a complaint with the Romanian National Council for Solving Complaints (CNSC) picking up on a litigation initially commenced by Fincantieri, and-in parallel-opened a lawsuit at the Bucharest Tribunal, addressing several irregularities that have affected the outcome of the “Multifunctional Corvette” endowment program.

Damen’s decision is based on the fact that all parties involved in the tender, including the contracting authority, have raised multiple aspects of legality and breach of confidentiality, some which have been invoked as grounds for suspending the procedure by the Ministry of National Defense itself. However, last’s week sudden announcement declared the corvette program has been awarded to the French state owned Naval Group.

The procedure has been subject to leaks of classified information, including on elements of financial offers,  that were confirmed last week by authorities. This was accompanied by a very personal and harsh media campaign against Dutch authorities.

Damen owns two major shipyards in Romania (Galati, Mangalia) with a combined workforce of 4500 people (and many local suppliers) that is working on several complex projects, including navy vessels for NATO and non NATO countries. This makes Damen one of the largest foreign employers and investors in EU country Romania.

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