Damen Naval’s new cutting machine is ready to roll

Damen Naval is pleased to announce the start of operations of its new CNC-controlled metal cutting machine. The company’s production team inaugurated the new machine earlier this month at its facilities in Vlissingen, the Netherlands, by cutting the first steel for a new vessel being built at its ‘sister’ company Damen Yachting.

The purchase of the new cutting machine was a significant investment for Damen Naval in number of ways. It provides the company with a powerful and precise tool that is able to cut a broad range of steel varieties and aluminium with plasma or oxyfuel methods. This wide range of cutting capacity translates to an equally broad selection of projects that the machine can be used for. It also represents an important moment of skills transfer, as the more experienced members of Damen’s production team pass on their decades of knowledge to the new generation of shipbuilders.

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