Delft University of Technology and DSNS collaborate successfully in design challenge about submarines

The past quarter April-June, a couple of DSNS engineers enrolled for the minor “Design of Complex Specials” of the TU Delft MSc program of Maritime Technology. This course gives the masters students insight into the design of complex vessels as well as the specific design issues that arise when designing complex ship types. During the minor, the students have to demonstrate the lessons learned by means of a design challenge. This year’s design challenge was to “design a diesel-electric and expeditionary submarine”. By using modern ship-design-principles they had to dive into this challenge.

Peter Werner of DSNS, an ex-submarine officer himself, has provided his practical and technical insight about submarines for the students and has taught one of the theoretical lectures himself.  The lecture series were part of the theoretical framework of the minor, in which the students received the necessary tools and ship knowledge in order to start designing these complex vessels. In other words: how do you tune the design principles and their application. For example: how to tune the hydrodynamics, the layout of the ship and the weight distribution. In the design challenge the students then had to use the lessons learned from the theoretical framework, and apply this knowledge to make a realistic concept design for a submarine.

On the 29th of September 2017, certificates for successfully participating in this minor ware awarded to the participants of DSNS by Hans Hopman, professor ship design at Delft University of Technology. Hans Hopman, also ex-director of the ship design department at the DMO (the Dutch Defence Material Organisation), was very positive about the creative results of both the students and the engineers of DSNS. The coherence between the theoretical lectures, practical insights from industry and the enthusiasm of all the participants has yielded some interesting design solutions for an expeditionary submarine. In the light of the increased interest in the Netherlands for building and designing submarines, Hans Hopman indicated to consider the submarine as a design challenge for next year’s minor as well. Peter Werner greatly supports this idea and will definitely send DSNS engineers to participate in this minor program and continue the successful collaboration with Delft University of Technology.

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