Dutch high-quality additive injection system on board the Combat Support Ship

Damen and ODS Metering Systems have signed a supply contract for the new supply ship for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN), the Combat Support Ship (CSS). ODS Metering Systems is developing a new additive injection system for helicopter fuel that can maintain the condition of the helicopter engines.

Unique to this system is the injection of PPMs (Parts Per Million) of the additive. This ensures that, with great certainty, the correct amount of additive is added to the fuel. This increases the fuel’s quality. Besides supplying the system, the company will also take care of the commissioning of the system in Romania, where Damen is building the CSS.

ODS Metering Systems is located in Barendrecht. In addition to 60 employees in the Netherlands, 75 employees work in countries such as Belgium, Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Singapore. The globally operating company has extensive experience in the field of (helicopter) refueling units and has also supplied the additive injection system on board the Holland class patrol vessels to the RNLN. In addition to the RNLN, the company supplies flow and analysis systems to the Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Royal Netherlands Army.

Eugène de Raaff, ODS Metering Systems Sales Manager
Arjan Risseeuw, Damen Naval Project Director CSS
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