Dutch industry provides the new Combat Support Ship with optimal fire extinguishing systems

Damen has signed a new contract with the Dutch company Hi-Safe. Hi-Safe will provide the Combat Support Ship (CSS) destined for the Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) with extinguishing foam and gas systems. Delivery will take place in October 2021; the systems will be commissioned in mid-2023.

Hi-Safe, based in Dordrecht, has extensive experience in advising, designing, supplying, installing and maintaining fire and explosion suppression systems. With approximately 40 employees, Hi-Safe provides an extensive package of solutions and services for various sectors such as data centres, the petrochemical, manufacturing & process and shipping industries. Hi-Safe also has innovative solutions for the energy transition.

In addition to Hi-Safe, InnoVfoam, a Dutch extinguishing foam specialist, is also involved in the design of the extinguishing foam system for the CSS. InnoVfoam, located in Oudkarspel, develops extinguishing foam systems for aviation and industry. The company has internal demonstration facilities and its own quality analysis laboratory.

Hi-Safe and InnoVfoam have also collaborated in the past on the construction of the Joint Support Ship HNLMS Karel Doorman. The companies have supplied a number of fire extinguishing systems for this vessel, including a foam extinguishing system with electrically operated fire extinguishing monitors, adequate for use on the huge helicopter deck.

Damen Naval Director Operations Tijs Buijs
Left to right: Hi-Safe Project Manager Evert van Unnik, Managing Director Jack Reuvers, Key Account Manager Stef Klein
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