Dutch knowledge for the Walrus replacement project

Replacing the Walrus class requires a substantial investment, but one that’s worth every penny for our Netherlands Navy. It would be a shame if this investment in new submarines would be done abroad, while the budget could also be invested in Dutch innovation and employment. It is estimated that this project is a promise for many man-years of work for Dutch industry, including maritime knowledge institutes. The maintenance phase required after commissioning is not even taken into account. In the ‘triple helix’  that consists of the Royal Netherlands Navy, maritime knowledge institutes and the maritime industry, we have, for decades, been able to design and built new navy ships and submarines on a high and international quality standard. An inventory has shown that approximately 80% of the knowledge and skills required to build submarines are still available in the Netherlands. This knowledge is united in the Dutch Underwater Knowledge Centre (DUK-C), which has published an attractive brochure on this subject. Damen is also a prominent member of this DUK-C. Please read how DUK-C foresees the realization of the Walrus Class replacement project in the Netherlands ‘triple helix’.

You can find the DUK-C white paper here.

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