Dutch submarine procurement process enters next phase with Saab and Damen amongst of selected contenders

The Dutch cabinet announced today that Saab and Damen Shipyards Group, together with other contenders, will continue to the next phase for the replacement of the Walrus-class submarines (WRES), aiming at the procurement of four submarines.

Saab and Damen are awaiting further information from the Netherlands Government on how the process will proceed.

Saab and Damen have a strong offer, which fits the operational requirements of the Royal Netherlands Navy and the Dutch Defense Industrial Strategy (DIS). If selected, the Saab Damen offer would encompass export opportunities.

Saab and Damen have joined forces to develop an expeditionary submarine for the Walrus Replacement Programme. The expeditionary submarine builds on the capabilities of the Swedish A26 and the knowledge and skills within Dutch naval shipbuilding. Furthermore it puts into practice the experience of the Swedish designed Collins-class submarine in-service with the Australian Navy.

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