Hands together for modernization of ships

Defense, industry and knowledge institutes joined forces last Thursday in Rotterdam to prepare new naval vessels for the future. With the signing of the ‘Manning & Automation Cooperation Covenant’, agreements have been made and long-term cooperation is assured. The participating parties share and strengthen their knowledge in this way. This is necessary to take full advantage of the opportunities for innovation. Innovations that are necessary to keep the naval vessels relevant, argued Director of Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), Vice Admiral Arie Jan de Waard.

The collaboration started in 2014 to strengthen the joint knowledge base in the field of automation and autonomous systems within the maritime domain. This is to provide maximum support to the crew on board in their work. In this context, we are also looking at good support from the shore. For this purpose, the Maritime Systems Department works together with partners such as the Joint IV Command/Maritime IT, Thales, RH Marine, TNO, and Damen.

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