KPN reinforces Swedish-Netherlands cooperation

KPN has signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) with which the company commits to the Netherlands’ replacement programme for the Walrus-class submarines. KPN offers its support in the field of innovative cyber solutions and safe data transmission for the expeditionary use of the future submarines.

The Netherlands’ expeditionary submarines are powerful data gathering platforms, developed for operations around the world. They form an important niche capacity within NATO and the EU. The future submarines have to be able to share their intelligence from all around the world. With the exclusive solutions from KPN, this capability is supported in a world where cyber threats have become a serious military consideration.

Besides the transmission of highly sensitive information, KPN also offers development methods for ‘remote maintenance’ for the expeditionary submarines. The Royal Netherlands Navy (RNLN) possesses the unique capability of a submarine that can operate individually without a supporting fleet. This means that also data for maintenance and repair must be shared with the RNLN in a secure manner.

The Saab/Damen partnership offers a replacement for the current Walrus class submarine in combination with a broad range of Dutch companies. Besides the members of the Dutch Underwater Knowledge Center, now KPN commits to the program as well. A valuable reinforcement that contributes to the safe and secure operation of the new submarines in the coming decades.

Saab/Damen and KPN sign a Letter of Intent at the NIDV symposium
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