Masterclass Submarine Design by Nevesbu

The NIDV platform Dutch Underwater Knowledge Centre (DUKC) took the initiative to organize a first Masterclass Submarine Design. Damen was glad to support this meeting with both lecturers and participants.

The aim of this masterclass that was held in the navy city Den Helder, was twofold. The first aim was to refresh and actualize the submarine specific design principles. In order to achieve this goal, a varied program was put together that combined practice and theory. On one side for submarine officers, supported by many practical examples, necessity, utility, use and safety of submarines was elaborated upon.

The second aim of the masterclass was to strengthen the relationship and enable knowledge sharing between all relevant parties. The specific goal of DUKC was to combine forces and to think together about the role of the Dutch industry in the procurement of new submarines. This in relation with the Defense Industry Strategy (DIS) and the maritime “Triple Helix”.

Altogether, the masterclass was regarded as very useful. Given the numerous positive responses, more masterclasses will be organized in the near future.

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