Ministry of Defense makes good progress with Defense white paper

VNO-NCW is happy with the Defense white paper as presented by Minister Ank Bijleveld. The entrepreneurs organization observes that room has been created for investments to build strong armed forces. The organizations is also positive about the attention for businesses expressed in the white paper.

School of the Nation

The entrepreneurs organization is pleased that the ministry of Defense is willing to give substance to the concept of School of the Nation, for which VNO-NCW chairman Hans de Boer has been arguing. In that way, businesses, other governmental organizations and the ministry of Defense can guarantee the education and careers of people in scarce professions.

Cooperation with businesses

VNO-NCW is also positive about the intention to assign affairs that are not core business of the Armed Forces, to the market. Think about maintenance, catering or several IT-functionalities. Businesses already cooperate with the Armed Forces within the Platform Defensie Bedrijfsleven to work out the concept of the adaptive armed forces. The entrepreneurs organization is therefore very positive about the explicit commitment in the Defense white paper to seek more strategic cooperation with businesses.

More often Launching Customer

Surely, VNO-NCW calls the government to maximize involvement of the industry regarding the acquisition of materiel. By acting as a launching customer for Dutch businesses, the export and innovation in our own country receive an impulse. In that line of reasoning there are fair chances for building the new submarines in The Netherlands. ‘Not only does this give the Dutch Naval Cluster an impulse, it is also the best way to provide The Netherlands with the newest and very best equipment. On top of that, high quality jobs in R&D and maintenance will stay in The Netherlands.’

Press release on the website of VNO-NCW (Dutch)

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