Modernisation of the Dutch Walrus-class submarine, performed by DMI in combination with the Dutch Naval Industry

The Dutch Walrus-class submarine. Built in the Netherlands, operated by the Netherlands (Navy), and upgraded in the Netherlands. All done by the Dutch Ministry of Defence in cooperation with the Dutch Naval Industry. Strong partners, also for the next generation submarine for the Royal Netherlands Navy.

In this video you will see a short compilation of the maintenance that is currently being performed by the DMI (Directie Materiƫle Instandhouding) on one of the Walrus-class submarines. The activities that are being performed are part of the IPW (InstandhoudingsProgramma Walrusklasse) and comprise more than only maintenance. In the period between 2013-2022 all four Dutch submarines will be equipped with new Combat Management Systems and also, Super High Frequency satellite-communication systems will be installed.

Modernisation of the Dutch Walrus-class submarines.
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