Patrol vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy are back in operation

Problems with the water mist installation have been resolved ahead of schedule.

Den Helder, 9 oktober 2018. – Faster than initially expected, the limited deployment of the four patrol vessels of the Royal Netherlands Navy has come to an end. The “Directie Materiële Instandhouding” (DMI) of the Dutch Navy, in cooperation with Damen Schelde Naval Shipbuilding, managed to solve the problems with the water mist installations and sprinkler installations well ahead of schedule.

Last year, a fault has been found during a regular test onboard the Zr. Ms. Holland with the water mist installation: the mounting brackets and couplings were not in order. Further research showed that the other three ocean-going patrol vessels were facing the same problem. Therefore, the patrol vessels were temporarily out of service.

Constructive cooperation

The DMI employees have very intensely worked together with Damen to provide the vessels with a safe fire extinguishing system. At the end of 2017, the DMI started the process for replacing the water mist installations and sprinkler system. Damen successively continued efforts for the Zr.Ms. Holland, – Friesland, – Zeeland and – Groningen by replacing and flushing the pipes and couplings. All installations have now been certified and approved. On the Zr. Ms. Johan de Witt and the Zn. Ms. Rotterdam, the problem was solved by flushing the installations. Kapitein ter zee, Paul Flos, Head of the Maritime Conservation Department: ‘By obtaining the certification, this project has come to an and. I am happy that the ships can do what they are built for: sailing”


The water mist installation is used to extinguish fire on board automatically. Patrol vessels sail with a reduced crew. This is only possible through extensive automation of the systems, including the fire extinguishing system. Without a reliable water mist installation, unsafe situations can arise for the crew. Arjan Risseeuw, Project Director at Damen: “We build ships to operate (fire) safely and capable at sea, so we are particularly pleased that we have been able to tackle this problem within nine months.”

Zr. Ms. Holland
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