Unique achievements Dutch submarines revealed

Note: The book mentioned in this article and the news and videos items referred to are all in Dutch

During the Cold War, Dutch submarines have very successfully but foremost in ultimate secrecy spied on Russian navy vessels. This appears from todays issued book ‘In het diepste geheim’ by Jaime Karreman, chief editor of Based on archived shipping records and interviews with former crewmembers, the Dutch submarines are considered the masters of the craft of spying in the Mediterranean Sea. This is completely thanks to the combination of the well-trained Netherlands Submarine Service and an ingenious designed submarine. According to the NOS, the Dutch built submarines of the Walrus-class are perfectly suited for these secret missions due to their measurements and diesel electric propulsion. Also last weekend the AD reported on the book that contains reconstructions of dozens of secret operations.

The book ‘In het diepste geheim’ can be ordered from the web shop of Yesterday, in Hart van Nederland there also was an item on the revelation of the secret missions of the Submarine Service.

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