WASUB is able to build upon the knowledge and experience of Damen

Wasub is a Dreamteam with members of the TU Delft, the VU Amsterdam and the Hague university of Applied Sciences. The team consists of more than 25 students of different disciplines. Together they have one goal, design and build a human-driven submarine. Every year a new innovative submarine is build. With this submarine the team will participate in the annual International Submarine Races. During the race teams from many universities compete against each other for having the best performing and most innovative human powered submarine.

Damen support this DreamTeam project since it first started. As a sponsor, Damen is also involved in the design and engineering of this human-powered submarine. This support means that these brilliant engineering students can build upon the in-house knowledge and experience of ex-submarine officers such as Peter Werner: “WASUB is applying new techniques. Trying out and proving these new techniques is the ultimate way of learning and development for the future. I expect that the current possibilities of 3D printing, hull-shaping and propeller design will provide many new insights.”

Damen wishes the WASUB team the best of luck with the further development of their submarine. These kind of out-of-the-box developments stimulate our imagination for all possibilities on our very own Dutch soil!



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